Don’t blog when you’re upset

Right now, my house seems like the setting of some screwball family comedy.  We just fixed the master bathroom toilet Sunday, and by pure coincidence, the sink in the same bathroom started to leak…straight through our kitchen ceiling.  You can’t turn on the upstairs or downstairs bathroom lights if you have heaters on in the two bedrooms.  I keep forgetting this and have to trek down to the basement in the early morning to flip the circuit breaker.  Then yesterday, the garage door decided not to close.  Can’t you see Lucille Ball cast as a real estate agent, showing the house to a young couple on a freezing January day.  Ethel would be poised in the basement, ready to flip the breaker after Lucy shows off the bathrooms, and then would rush upstairs and pretend to mop the kitchen floor with the bucket that’s been catching the leaking water.  On the way out, Lucy would promote the latest in “ventilated garages.”

I can write about this now, but yesterday I only wanted to write “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”  It wasn’t just the crazy house quirks.  Both my boys school starts at 9:00 am, and their schools are about 20 minutes apart.  It was 12 degrees yesterday morning, and my kids were whining, legitimately, about the freezing weather as I fought with the darn garage door.  My three-year-old easily gets into a sulk when routines change, and getting to pre-school after all the other kids were sitting in circle time threw him off for much of the day.  My 1-year-old daughter has a cold and a tooth coming through, so she pretty much spent the day crying and refusing to let me put her down.  At one point I tried to bribe her into sitting in her high chair with chocolate (mother of the year, right here), and she threw it at me.  To top it off, Moose had a half-day of kindergarten, which meant that my kids watched more TV and played more video games than I care to admit.  Really racking up the parenting points.

I should have spent the one hour my daughter napped on laundry or possibly a well-rounded, nutritious dinner, but the laundry wasn’t going anywhere, and loaded baked potatoes still sounded good.  I’ll make sure to have extra veggies on the plate tonight.  Yesterday, I needed to bake something.  I needed cookies.  So I made these:


For some reason I have an excess of sweetened condensed milk on hand, perhaps from last summer when I drank a lot of iced coffee.  A Google search for recipes using that ingredient brought up this toffee shortbread.  It’s  a a layer of shortbread, topped with a soft toffee, topped with melted chocolate.  They sounded delicious and bar cookies required just the amount of effort I was willing to put in yesterday.  Next time I make them, I think I’m going to try a different shortbread recipe; this one was a little to dense for me.  Still, just what I needed.  After dinner, as I took my first bite, I literally felt stress leave my body.