Catch Up Days

I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong, because every morning we reenact the battle of the coats and shoes.  It doesn’t seem to matter how much advance time I give them (today I gave the almost 20 minutes), I end up getting my mean mom voice out, telling them we have to leave now!  The short ride to school is then spent calming down, trying to make sure my son isn’t super stressed before I send him off to kindergarten.  On the way back, I get to play an *awesome* game that my 3-year-old recently invented:  Every 3 seconds he tells me “straight” or “turn”.  I have to answer “okay” each time, except I’m supposed to randomly say “McDonald’s,” to which he will reply “We got another pancake.”  Seriously, it’s easier on the days we just walk.

But I’m getting into a productive groove, which is good, because this is a catch up day.  All of my sons’ clothes are clean, but they’re still in the hamper, in the living room.  This is a normal state for laundry in my house, but hearing my son whine this morning, “Mom, I’m tired of getting dressed downstairs,” has activated my maternal guilt.  I’ve already babysat for a friend, someone I’m comfortable with enough not to mind her seeing said laundry in my living room.  I baked some homemade bread.  It didn’t turn out quite right; one side rose perfectly and the other looks like it just got tired and gave up, drooping over the side of the pan.  It won’t be the best for sandwiches but I’m sure it will make delicious French Toast.  I’m still looking for my perfect sandwich bread recipe.

The little bread that couldn't

The little bread that couldn’t

Now it’s off to the store for milk and few ingredients for tonight’s dinner, Italian Bread Soup.  And maybe before school gets out, I’ll bake something for dessert tonight.  I guess the laundry can wait a little while.