Day 8: The “About” Page

Today we were to tackle our “about” page, a task I’ve been putting off because, you know, it’s hard.  I’ve been doing everything I could to not start working on it, even choosing the dirty dishes in the sink over the keyboard on the desk.  How can I express the different sides of my personality without letting one dominate?  It definitely deserves some revisiting, but at least I have something up.  Let me know what you think:



  1. You could try putting your name on your about page… Just a thought. Also, you could read the abouts on other blogs and see what kind makes you want to sit down and have a chat with them. Is it brevity? Details? Humor? Length? You have a real opportunity to connect because most bloggers will visit your about page when they think about connecting with you. I liked your about page, by the way. More would be good, too. That’s just me, though, I’m nosy. 🙂 Cheers, Brenda

    1. A name would be good! It definitely needs more. I plan on visiting other abouts over the next few days while I keep working on mine. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Janna, You have a good start, but it reads like a list.
    Maybe begin with a quirky upside down introduction: (Pet’s name) watches me all day while I do my Mom stuff like making lunches and doing laundry for kid #1, #2, and #3(names). I think (pet name) likes (husband’s name, or whatever you want to call him [The Pioneer Woman calls her husband Marlboro Man]) better than he/she likes me, but I’m the one that puts the food in the bowl. Shouldn’t that count for something?
    Definitely tell us what an intentional life means to you. Share a line from Frost or White. What do you bake that has the troops clamoring for more? What do you want to make with your own hands? Why? What’s the inspiration behind the motivation?
    Sorry, I let my curiosity carry me away.
    PS I have redheads. Redheads rock.

    1. Thanks for all the advice and ideas! I definitely want to construct more of a narrative, maybe a different perspective would make it easier for me to write about myself.
      My kids inherited their dad’s dark genes, but they have streaks of red in the sunlight.

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