On My Mind

E.B. White once wrote that the theme of his life is complexity through joy.  That resonated with me years ago, and even more so now.  I want to expound more on his words, but my own aren’t here right now.  I’ll just say that my life is fairly simple.   I spend a great deal of my time in my neighborhood and in my home.  By my own making, my calendar is fairly open and loose.  As Thoreau suggested, I “let my affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand.”  This works for me.

When I look at my life on a daily basis, I am for the most part satisfied.  Sure, there are some days that I waste.  Days I feel bad or lazy or in an apathetic mood.  However, most of my days are quite full.  Yes, full of dishes and laundry, but also full of children and friends and baking and whatever the new thing I’ve decided to get into lately is.  When I examine a year of my life, I don’t get the same sense of satisfaction.  Too often I look back and think more of what didn’t happen:  the trips I didn’t take, the projects I didn’t complete, the money I didn’t make.  The year seems filled with lots of empty time that I guarantee I didn’t feel I had when I was in the midst of it.

That’s one thing I’m hoping to get out of this blogging experience.  A reminder of how full my everydays are.


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