Day One

A new year, a new blog.  I’ve been batting the idea of starting a new blog for a little while, a little unsure as to whether I would commit, but apparently, I have done so.  These few sentences have launched me into a new project, hobby, timesuck; however you look at it.  Apparently, the new year is a popular time to launch new blogs. WordPress even has a challenge to help get you going, for which I am grateful.  It’s actually Day 5 of the challenge, so I have some catching up to do.

I like to write, but I am terrible at keeping a personal journal.  I think for the reason that it is so much easier to write to an audience.  Even an audience of imaginary readers who may or may not stumble across my words and find something that resonates with them.  I also need to write.  Not in the burning, need to express myself, passionate sort of way.  Rather, I’m a stay at home mom of three young kids, and writing full sentences, without mention of superheroes, Legos, or Pokemon, gives me a different sort of mental exercise than I normally get.

So here it goes.  I’ve not totally fleshed out the focus of my blog.  I’ve done that with blogs of the past and I ended up feeling beholden to the blog.  Baking things just so I could blog about them, kicking myself when I forgot to take a picture of some step of some project.  I am letting this one just be, and I will see what comes out of it.



  1. I used to write a food blog, and while I loved it, i *did* feel somewhat beholden to it (“What am I making for dinner tonight? Is that blog-worthy?”). Now, I write a whatever-I’m-thinking-about blog, and although I write less frequently, it feel good and it’s always from the heart.

  2. You’ll do great. And having 3 children myself, I remember the days when I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to hold an adult conversation again in my lifetime. Then they grow up and move out and you wonder where the time went. My blog is mostly about my life each day, living with MS, and laughing about all the things that really should be driving me crazy. Since I’m already crazy, I don’t worry about it any more, just have to watch myself when talking to my youngest son. He loves to jump in and make remarks when I open my mouth and stick both feet in, so I have to try and beat him to the punch there. Just learned long ago to laugh at something every day, and when it came to the kids when they were little, if they got on my nerves I would send them to their rooms until they were ready to kiss and make up. Their record was 3 days. Bathroom and meal privileges only, then back to their rooms. It worked well, and at the end of the 3 days they made sure they were out of sight and hearing if they argued with each other. Ah, the joys of living on a farm.

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